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It's a digital age. And it's all about staying connected. ​


Lakeshore Technology provides industry leading technology services to Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan. From Indianapolis to Detroit we service clients in a variety of industires with an even larger variety of services. Take a look to see our most popular.  Not seeing what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll work with you to find a solution that's right for you. 

Network, Server, & Desktop


Having a reliable and efficient computer network system in an important aspect of your business.  At Lakeshore Technology we approach your IT system with years of experience.  We'll assess your servers' health to ensure they are in good running order.  If your servers go down, your computers and entire network go down.  With routine maintenance, security, software updates, and more we can ensure your systems are running efficiently.  If problems occur our team of experts will troubleshoot, repair the error and evaluate methods to avoid future issues.

Security & Virus 


Ensuring your company's computer network is secure from threat is one of our top priorities.  Virus protection is an important aspect of your system's security.  Our team has extensive knowledge in security and virus protection.  As technology evolves, threats to your data increase.  The good news is that with technology evolution comes new and innovative ways to keep your systems safe. We will discuss all of your options with you and come up with a plan that will ensure your company's network is safe.



The cloud can be a great solution for a lot of companies. Not only is it flexible and scalable, but it can be affordable as well. Gone are the days where server hardware is needed to store and drive your company's data. Because you don't need physical hardware, the cloud allows for a more flexible platform because it is scalable.  It is easy to increase or decrease your cloud space to the needs of your business. We know you're always changing and we'll help you evaluate if the cloud is right for you.

Backup & Disaster


Data is a critical part of your company's structure, and losing it is disastrous.  There are a variety of reasons data can be lost, corrupted, or stolen.  The simple act of clicking on the wrong pop up or button can lead to disastrous results.  Lakeshore Technology can help you recover lost data and restore your systems.  We have extensive experience in recovering lost data and restoring damaged systems.  Better yet, we can put measures in place to protect your data and prevent a loss in the first place. We'll assess your system's security and determine what measures need to be take to ensure your data stays secure.  

Medical IT

System Management

As a physician or practice manager, you know that the security of your EMRs is crucial to the success of your practice and privacy of your patients. Lakeshore Technology has extensive experience in EMR system support and can establish fluidity between your EMR system, hardware, and the staff that uses it. Most importantly we can evaluate your system and put security measures in place to ensure that the data in your EMR system is backed up and protected.  Our team is experienced in CMR diagnostic imaging systems as well as patient billing.  You know your practice is in good hands with Lakeshore Technology.



Departments such as human resources, accounting, and customer service are all important components to your company. Ensuring that they have a reliable, functioning database to stay connected with each other is an important factor in the efficiency of the inner workings of your company.  Capturing and storing data is a vital part of your companies every day functions and is essential for analyzing operations. We can assess your current database system and evaluate if it's right for your. If it's not meeting your needs we'll help you pick on that will. Either way we will maintain your database system and make sure it is running efficiently.

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